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Don’t forget guys Tomorrowworld is very close. Grab your tickets at promo code MLOPEZ or Paradise to get some merch and a chance to win VIP upgrade! #liquified #tomorrowworld

Don’t forget guys Tomorrowworld is very close. Grab your tickets at promo code MLOPEZ or Paradise to get some merch and a chance to win VIP upgrade! #liquified #tomorrowworld

Listen to your body, if it’s acting strange again there must be a reason.


Added a few more examples of my early work to add to this. Some of this stuff was pretty out there. 


I was looking through some of my old artwork from high school today, and I spotted this piece I made when I was 16 or 17. It’s called “Pompous Ass.” It sounds pretty juvenile and it’s slightly juvenile looking as well. However I look at my life 7 years later and this drawing kind of speaks to me today. 

I grew up in a very small town with a population of little diversity. When I was born I was diagnosed with a syndrome called “Nagers syndrome,” though I have a mild case, it still left me with some facial and other deformities (though I hate that word.) With that, I have four fingers on each hand, and I have had over 20 surgeries in my life time, spanning from jaw surgery to eye surgery etc. Growing up in this town, with a mainly white population, made me somewhat of a minority simply because I didn’t look like “everybody else.” I didn’t look “normal.” 

People would treat me as if I were incapable, like I was “special,” I was talked down at a lot. It’s strange how someone can treat you just because you don’t look like everyone else around you. I didn’t have a lot of friends in elementary and middle school, the only real way of survival for me was through drawing. I started drawing when I was 3 and it was a nonstop thing for me.

I would draw as a way for people to actually notice me, and they did. That sounds sad, but art was my survival growing up, it was a thing for me to share common ground with somebody else. 

Often times I felt angry or upset that I was “different,” but soon you realize that you should never feel ashamed or put down because you look strange or act different. No one is putting a blame on you, you were born the way you were. In High School I started to really come out of my shell and started to make work about myself. About Nagers syndrome. About how people treated me.

"Pompous Ass" was about how I felt that I was my own living freak show. I was the main attraction for people to gawk at me, yet I was also the ring master, the one who controlled whether or not the show would go on. The ass part, is basically, how I felt that the majority of the people that judged me were assholes. That sounds silly now and it’s such a teenage way to look at things but I get why I did that. Making pieces like this, for me, was therapy. A way for me to grow comfortable for who I am. 

But I look now, 7 years later, at where I am in my life today. I live in a big city, where no one really gawks at me. I am comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have to deal with any more surgeries. I have the most amazing support group of friends and family anyone could ask for. I’m so lucky. I am now also finally making work that makes me happy, instead of work that I am explaining what I have and defending myself in some way. I’m at a place where i’m proud to say, i’m comfortable with being Barry Lee.

Never feel like you have to be sorry for being different. 

I could continue to write pages and pages more about all of this, but i’ll stop myself now. 

Barry is tumblr famous!!

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Only a couple months left for some epic time!! Don’t miss our and purchase your tickets at Use promo code MLOPEZ or Paradise to get some free merch and a change for VIP upgrades weekly :) happy Thursday!! #tomorrowworld #promo #liquified #festival #bassnectar #zedd #world


Evolució by Onionlab / Mapping Festival 2013 

From the mailbox, a projection-mapping project:

I am contacting you to present Onionlab’s most recent piece, Evolució

You will also find some high-resolution pictures here:
And here is a brief description of the project:
Onionlab presents Evolució, a piece that revolves around the graphic and sound abstraction of the concept it is named after: evolution. It is construed as transformation, construction and alteration of reality through time; evolution as a discontinuous creation process as well.
Created with 3D projection mapping techniques, this time, Evolució was projected onto the façade of the Musées d’art et d’histoire de Genève, though the piece takes the evolution concept even further: It was conceived as an open transformation process so that it can also be adapted to different façades and projection surfaces, and so that Evolució can continue its transformation process.



Mr Toledano


1. To the caller, when I first answer, I am the inanimate Barbie.

They do not know what I look like, who I am, how I am feeling, or how I feel. They can only imagine. It is my job to indulge their fantasies, to convince them that I am not a doll. I am their dream turned real.

If they ask if I am blonde, I become a blonde. If they ask how wet I am, I tell them that my panties are drenched. I respond to every sound the caller makes with an affirmation, I encourage them, I breathe life into the fantasy, I carve the doll out of flesh.

2. I’m 60 years old, have a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University, and married for 25 years.

Men call me for an infinity of reasons.

Of course, they call to masterbate. I call it “Executive Stress Relief”.

It’s not sex; it’s a cocktail of testosterone, fueled by addiction to pornography, loneliness, and the need to hear a woman’s voice.

I make twice the money I made in the corporate world. I work from home, the money transfers into my bank account daily.

3. Just last night I received possibly the most disturbing phone-sex call I’d had in a long time.

A caller shot himself with me on the phone.

The unmistakable sound of a gun-shot followed by the heavy and wet sound of a body falling with a thud to the floor.

Things like this always scare me.

My current track record stands at one confession of incestuous sexual abuse, being asked to perform fellatio on my younger brother, and two other suicides.

4. I have a naturally high voice. I’m also immature and submissive. The voice I use on the phone is somewhat a representation of those qualities.

There’s one specific voice tone I use when pretending to be sexually aroused.

Imagine a catholic school girl getting de-virginized by her history teacher. “Oh, oh, Mr. Johnson, it’s so big! You’re gonna hurt me!”

5. There was a guy who wanted to be my puppy.

He called me almost every week and we would talk for more than an hour, but I never knew what to say to him.

I would talk about taking him out for a walk, and puting down newspaper for him, and going to the groomers.

I don’t even know if he liked it, because he would never say anything.

I used to hate when he called, because I knew I would have to pull an hour-plus worth of bullshit out of my ass.

6. I got into phone-sex because I thought: ‘Why not get paid for talking dirty, instead of doing it for free?”

It brings up my self-esteem up so much, knowing guys are looking at my pics and wanting to talk to me.

7. My first night was on a Saturday at midnight.

It was a gentleman who I believe called himself Bob.

He told me about his first experience with a glory hole.

He explained that he had no-one he felt comfortable telling this to, and I felt a strange intimacy between us, though it was rooted in a fantasy.

I think it’s easier to release repressed desires to a non-judgmental, fictional person, because there are no consequences in the outside world.

8. I am a straight male who speaks to women.

They want me.

They want me to talk to them, and to take them to another world.

I’m good at it. I’m a pro. A ladies man.

I speak to younger women. I speak to older women. I speak both spanish and english. I have been thrown offers left and right.

They want me to meet up and have my way with them, but I keep it only to phone conversations.

9. I never thought I would work in the phone sex industry.

All those years doing customer service, my customers would comment on my sexy voice.

I thought I was being professional, not sexy.

This work is customer service. It’s just your customers leave with more than a smile.

  • A contract of mutual self-delusion exists between the caller and phone sex operator. The caller imagines he is speaking to his most secret fantasy-and the operator willingly plays the part.

    A phone sex operator must be able understand the caller’s wants. But more importantly, they must be able to decrypt the unspoken desires. Those things that are too preposterous, too scandalous, or humiliating to articulate.

    From a few mumbled words, a phone sex operator must weave and finely detailed fantasy encounter. It requires a vivid imagination, acting ability, and above all, a deep understanding of the human appetite. What do we crave? What words have the maximum yield? What tone will most effectively reach into a man’s trousers?

    Phone-sex is theatre. An artificial passion-play in real-time, directed by a skilled verbal fantasist, with only one possible conclusion.


    Published by Twin Palms Press in 2009

    To see more of the project, please go to